quiet the noise

A trail runner's path to hearing god


Quiet the noise


Do you have trouble quieting the noise in your head? Is it tough for you to pray in a traditional format because thoughts, anxiety, and stress keep distracting you? Have you ever found peace from this while in nature, especially in an athletic event?


Quiet the noise, vol. 1

Many people deal with some sort of anxiety and noise or chatter in their heads. Many of these same people have trouble quieting this noise to be able to pray, or meditate and hear what the Lord is trying to tell them.

In Quiet the Noise, from childhood to present day, this book follows the story of Rami F. Odeh, who began his running career at age fifteen, barely able to run a quarter mile around his block, to completing a 53-mile, 12-hour, off-road run in 2011.

Quiet the Noise is about much more than running. It is more a spiritual and religious awakening that occurred once Rami took his passion for endurance events off road and into nature.

How did it help him hear our Lord? Read on...

quiet the noise. vol. 2

This book continues the journey (where Quiet the Noise: A Trail Runner’s Path to Hearing God left off) of Rami F. Odeh, who began his running ‘career’ at age fifteen, barely able to run a fourth of a mile around his block to completing a hundred-mile, twenty-seven-hour, off road run in 2012.

Quiet the Noise is about much more than running; it is more a spiritual and religious ‘awakening’ that occurred once Rami took his passion for endurance events off road and into nature.

How did it help him hear our Lord? Read on...



Quiet the Noise, Vol. 3
When I Am Closest to Death

This book is the "final" installment the 3 volume series following the journey (where Quiet the Noise: Trail Running, Hearing God and Achieving "Impossible" Goals left off) of Rami F. Odeh, who began his running ‘career’ at age fifteen, barely able to run a fourth of a mile around his block to completing a hundred-mile, twenty-seven-hour, off road run in 2012 and more long distance adventures in the next few years.

The Quiet the Noise book series is about much more than running; it is more a spiritual and religious ‘awakening’ that occurred once Rami took his passion for endurance events off road and into nature. How did it help him hear our Lord? Find out...

Quiet the Noise [bundle]
Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

Get the volume 1 and volume 2 bundle and save a little money while watching the progression from the experiences in the first volume and how they manifest in volume 2.

Quiet the Noise [Bundle]
Vol. 1, Vol. 2 & Vol. 3

With the release of Quiet the Noise, Vol. 3, When I am Closest to Death, readers can et all 3 books in the series for one special bundled price.

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A time for self-reflection…

August 29

I finished this book last night! Really loved it! The book appealed to me for a variety of reasons. I don’t often discuss religion or politics for that matter but I have definite views on both. I have struggled a bit on the religion side over the years. I consider myself a Christian – yet I am sure by most “Christian’s” standards I don’t fit into their mold. For me I find that running and being in and around nature is where I feel closest to God. It seems a perfect time to appreciate all that we have a round us and give thanks. It is also been a great time and place for my own self-reflection. It’s comforting to know that others use their time on the trail in the same way.

I know that putting yourself out there and sharing so many personal insights and hardships has to be difficult but I wanted to thank you for doing so! I wish you and your family nothing but the best and hope you continue sharing your words! – Deena

Inspirational Book! Great reading!

August 20

Everyone struggles with something in life or sometimes many things. “Quiet The Noise” is a must read for those seeking God and/or a way do deal with the many challenges we face on a daily basis. Contrasting the benefits of dealing with your issues alone or with the help of others is addressed in the book. The Author is incredibly transparent in revealing his personal and professional struggles in a heartfelt way that will inspire you to be honest with yourself and others, as you try and find your way. You will really feel like you are with the Author as he runs his races and shows how God revealed Himself during the highs and lows of long distance running. 5 Stars! – Ray C

Great Read and Worth Everyone’s Time – Even Non-Runners

August 1

With the cacophony of “noise” out there to distract us, Rami’s heartfelt story is as refreshing and insightful as a conversation with a good friend while laying in the grass and looking at the stars on a clear night. Rami reminds us all that we are not alone in our struggles. Rami’s book is a wonderful and inspiring book – good for runners and non- runners alike! – Doug M.

Good read

May 10

Easy to relate to this story of spiritual and personal growth through running. Written in the style of a training journal, it’s so much more. Sure, there’s mileage and nutritional information… and a glimpse into how the physical work of training can help open the heart and mind to reshape life off the trail.

I’m not a spiritual person, and yet I do see my time on the trail as something close to prayer and meditation. It’s a time for me to take all the to do lists and daily frustrations and sift through to find what’s really important. – Sandoz-Library


April 24

As I carefully read through the chapters I had a strange sense of déjà vu. As pressures of everyday life build up, we all need a forum to release or deal with these issues. We also need to find a time to reflect and or connect with God. For me, like Rami, I turned to trail running for many of the same reasons he did.

Though the primary subject of the book is “hearing God”, the entire book isn’t about that. Rami shares with us triumphs, failures, stresses, training thoughts, nutrition, and many personal thoughts. I was able to relate on a lot of the subjects and at times felt like I was experiencing the same things in my life as he was in his. I found it very reassuring to know that there is someone else out there.

The book is written in a way which anyone can understand and you can almost hear it being read to you. So, before you head out on your next run, be it 4 miles or 40, give this book a read and set yourself up for some personal reflection time, it is well worth the time you will spend reading it. – Running Aaron

A superb testament to the life-affirming benefits of a long run through the woods!

April 16

Rami Odeh is a talented runner with a gift for motivating others, and his trail race accomplishments speak for themselves, so his willingness to share his journey with others through his written stories is all the more appreciated.

Rami’s book, Quiet the Noise: A Trail-Runner’s Path to Hearing God, documents his achievements while conveying the pure joy of trail running. These are stories to which anyone can relate, regardless of one’s personal beliefs, because we all treasure the activities that provide solace amidst life’s challenges. I identified and appreciated this read, because it is another reminder that a long run enables me to sift through the distractions in my mind and put life into perspective.

Well done, Rami! – Jason Rogers

Great Book!

April 11

I could relate to many of the ideas mentioned in this book as a trail runner. I enjoyed this book so much that I literally spent every spare second reading it to finish it in a day. – lee mcvay

QUIET Please!

November 6

As a “spiritual” runner that considers the trails I run “my church,” this is an insightful account I can relate to on why running is truly the best active meditation, as well as the best analogy for handling all of life’s “toughest routes.” – Vikki

Great story of determination

September 9

“Quiet the Noise, A Trail Runners path to hearing God” by Rami Odea is a true motivator for those of us who want to give up while experiencing some discomfort during our exercising. I trained at Rami and Heather’s gym for several years and was acquainted with them. Both are in incredible shape and create a terrific atmosphere for training….even for us older folks. I would never have imagined the struggles Rami went thru as he tackled one marathon event after another. The book will help me to maintain focus and keep going even if not near the level of Rami. – Ronald L. Seidner

Mirrored my experience

February 16

I found that Rami’s experiences are much like my own, except that he is faster than I am. Honestly, it reads more like a journal or a blog than a book, but I enjoyed the read. – Kirk Mcmorris “captain”


November 10

I really enjoyed following not only the author journey to become a better runner but also seeing his journey to become closer to God in the process. I have that going for a run no matter how far are fast helps to clear all the outside noise in your head allowing you to think more clearly – Chris

Heartfelt, moving trail journey!

November 7, 2013

What a beautifully written book! Thank you for sharing your running journey with all of us….I have not run 100 miles, but can relate to the connection with God while trail running….look forward to meeting you on the trails one day. – Susan L. Fleming

Coming Full Circle

September 11, 2013

Ordered this last week and it arrived today. It was a quick read and brought back many memories of the special person I used to know. I’m honored to know the amazing man you have become – a wonderful husband, father and inspiration to many…including me all over again. You got it right and it shows. Bless you my friend! – hayleysmom

A journey to share

May 20, 2013

I finished your book this morning, Rami Odeh. I love the journey you’re on and the way you’re encouraging others by giving us this glimpse into it! Thanks for the sacrifice of time to put this precious season in print. – Book Wormette

author: Rami Odeh


Rami F. Odeh, MS, HFS is the President and Owner of FormWell Personal Fitness Training, a private personal training company located in Atlanta, GA. Founded in 1999, FormWell has helped over 2000 clients achieve their exercise and weight loss goals and employees degreed, nationally certified personal trainers who specialize in time-efficient, safe and effective training for all levels of exercisers.

Rami has dual Master’s degrees, one in Industrial Psychology and the other in Exercise Physiology and is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine as a Health and Fitness Specialist. He also worked for 11 years for Northside Hospital in Atlanta, GA as an Exercise Physiologist in the Outpatient Weight Reduction Clinic and the Diabetes Education Department.

He has been a personal trainer in various gyms and client’s homes in the Southeast since 1992 and has hands-on experience with over 1000 clients.

Rami also does various health-related presentations and health fairs for many corporations and organizations all over Georgia. In 2001, Rami and FormWell were chosen by Ultimate Health and Fitness in Atlanta as one of the top trainers and personal training studios in the Atlanta area. Rami is also an amateur triathlete and trail runner, having completed over 200 running races and multi-sport events (including Ironman Florida in 1999, seven half-ironman events and multiple on and off road marathons) since 1992. His latest challenge is running off-road ultra-marathons; he finished his first in 2009, completed a 12 hour, 53 mile off road run in early 2011 and recently finished his first 100 mile Run in Late 2012 (in 26 hours and 52 minutes).

His upcoming goals are to continue spreading the word on how running and exercise can bring you closer to god, using speaking, coaching and his recently published book: Quiet The Noise: A Trail Runners Path to Hearing God.